Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you have some sort of business woman special?

All of the sudden I'm dying to watch Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. 

I went for it. Totally wore white after Labor Day & before Easter. I mean... rules were made to be broken right??

Blazer - Target
Tank - J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank
Pants - Kohls
Heels - Jessica Simpson
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - Kendra Scott from pp

And I picked up these nude pretties on sale today at Dillard's.  I think they will look beautiful with tons of spring outfits.  The platform makes the shoes so much more wearable.  Can't wait for warmer weather!  In all seriousness though, this is my fourth pair of nude shoes.  Must. stop. shoe. shopping.

xo, ashley

Friday, January 28, 2011

Turq & stripes

Just a couple of my recent buys...

Scott's website is currently offering a $20 coupon when you sign up for emails.  I indulged & purchased these beauties with the coupon.  So, so, *SO* gorgeous.  My only con is the highway robbery shipping charges.

This striped sweater from the Gap with a zipper up the side is a heavier knit which is welcomed on these biting winter days.  It hits in an awkward place so I added a longer charcoal racerback tank underneath it.  I couldn't resist for just $12.  Purchased one month ago, no longer available online.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beating Winter Skin

Each year when winter rolls around, my skin becomes dryer than the Sahara.  This year the struggle has been diminished thanks to a few products I've added into my skincare routine.  Here are my winter winners:

The Clarisonic.  I bought this for my birthday last year and had mixed feelings over the purchase of it for several months.  The raves of this product led me to believe it was going to solve all of my skin's problems.  After a couple of months and my skin breaking out like crazy, I decided to use it only two to three times per week.  It has really made a difference this winter as it is a wonderful exfoliant allowing the moisturizers to better hydrate my skin.
L-O-V-E this mask!!  It's invigorating and non-irritating.  Hands down, THE BEST product for dry winter skin.  Use it twice per week and you won't be disappointed with your silky, smooth, fresh skin.

I got this product for free last year with Sephora's skin care challenge (anyone else upset they stopped this promotion?).  It has a nice scent, is extremely hydrating, and what ultimately caused my break up with Benefit's Dear John is the added spf.  I'm all for anti-aging products and my daily routine was lacking protection from the sun... a necessity even in winter. 

I have dry patches, fine lines, and dark circles... but nothing too extreme so this product works just fine for me.  I do notice a difference in the fine lines when my skin is really dry versus when I use this cream.

I bought the "luxury" size of this lotion on a whim after trying in store.  It smells light and fresh, fully conditioning my body head to toe.  I remember my first big, major, thought-I-loved-him crush telling me he loved my soft skin.  I didn't even realize my skin was any softer than the next person AND it was probably a line that I totally fell for and SWOONED!! but since then I have always tried to maintain soft skin.  ;-)  Yes, its my Teenage Dream that remains firmly intact in my head.

I use this cheap goodie nights before I work.  While it is scented, it isn't offensive to the sickest of people.  It's also great to use when planning to wear perfume not to mention is quenching the driest of skin.

Do you have any winter must-haves to beat dry skin?

xo, ashley

Friday, January 7, 2011


 After a bad day at work yesterday I woke up slugglish this morning to say the least.  I decided that a shopping trip would be the best way to perk up.  I had $60 merch credit that had to be used in the next couple of weeks and the Pottery Barn store in the mall I love was going out of business.  On top of a $100 merch card after writing customer service about their lack of just that, I walked away with this pretty Franklin rug for a mere $8.  I've been smiling since.  The colors go perfectly with the Orleans rug I purchased recently.  I could not believe my luck!  Next up, the walls obviously need a new color.  :-)

Have you landed any awesome post-holiday deals?

xo, ashley