Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I was able to finally make a decision regarding wedding jewelry.  With less than 2 months, my procrastination is catching up with me.  I contacted Cheekwood today, which has a 55-acre botanical garden on it's grounds, to make bridal portrait arrangements and I sincerely hope I did not wait too long.  Anyway, these are the beauties I chose from Regina B.  I tried to take a picture of myself wearing them and it was a major fail... not gonna lie, I look rough after working 3 shifts in a row!

I also exchanged the nail polish from last post for OPIs Diva from Geneva, a color that I will be able to wear in the coming months.  I can just see my cute little hands with an engagement ring, wedding band & Diva from Geneva hold a tasty skinny chai latte on a crisp Saturday afternoon out shopping with my sissy! 

I really need some nail painting tips. My nails always end up looking like a 5 year-old had their way with them. Speaking of five year-olds, notice the scrapes on my hand?  My hand (and entire left side of my body) got intimate with the pavement during a bike ride at the Greenway working on my pre-wedding fitness.  LOL!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gap Give & Get

My work has had this coupon offer hung up in our break room for forever.  Naturally when I went to send out the coupon to some friends & post on facebook, I chose the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Shopping for a good cause always makes spending money a little easier.  ;-)  This is what I bought...

Gap had a good deal on khakis so I got my hunny a couple for being a good boy recently.  We both really like the classic khaki straight fit.  I do have to exchange them for a smaller size for his skinny ass though.

Then I stopped by Trade Secret to get some shampoo & nail polish.  I've been trying to give my fine hair a boost recently & I hope this shampoo helps.  I like the tea tree shampoo because it's invigorating and I need that on the days I work & have to get up at 5am.

OPI's Pink Flamenco.  I think I'm going to exchange it because it was super thick like it had been sitting in the store for a year.  :( 

And last but not least, Sadie Bluebell hurt herself last Friday trying to jump on the couch.  The doctor ordered her to hangout in the crate for 2 weeks- but I let her hang out for a few hours today and she even got to go on a convertible ride today!  :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Current lust

This dress is kil-ling me.  I want something a little sexier than my usual conservative style for my bachelorette party but still remain classy and elegant.

*Ashley, pick me! pick me!*...wait... did you just hear something?  See, I'm not delusional.  This dress is speaking to me, to all of us, actually.  The only downfall is the price tag... of course!  Boo!  I tried to justify where else I could wear it and I came up with the honeymoon.  Ugh!  Why can't I be a socialite?

On other dress news, I had a fitting last week and my gown is looking gorgeous.  So excited!  Then I saw my beauty on Say Yes To The Dress last night while I was in a patients room and got even more excited when the girl didn't choose my gown further solidifying my belief that the dress was made solely for moi.  (insert delusional joke here)  :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Target Blazer

I forced myself out of a funk today to check out Target & Kohls before the tax-free weekend ends.  As usual, I was disappointed with Kohl's but did pick up a blazer for $29.99 at Target.  Great deal with great fit.  I've tried on more expensive versions that just didn't work for one reason or another so thank you Target!!  This particular blazer is not available online.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Invitations!! :)

I picked up my invitations and favors today and they are stunning.  Couldn't be happier.

I ordered some pocket invitations for those who will also be invited to the rehearsal dinner.  They are gorgeous!

And last but not least, our favors:

I got so excited over these personalized coozies and now have no clue what to do with them.  Should I put them in a basket for the rehearsal dinner where cans will probably be used or should I wrap them up and have them available for guests to take at the wedding?  What do you think?


Sephora stop

It is tax-free weekend in Tennessee and after a rough day yesterday I decided I should get myself a little treat(s).  Clothes & shoes under $100 are included in the tax-free event so I thought maybe I'd get lucky and find some really good deals.  Not... so much.  Although I did get a new pair of INC leggings for $14.99.  I really like them because one, my Target leggings have seen better days and two, they have a nice thick band up top so my stomach looks smooth.  I also had a VIB coupon and who could pass that up?  My skin has been a total hot mess and I'm trying eh-ver-y-thing to get it under control.  This is what I purchased today:

I read on another blog how helpful First Aid's Blemish Eraser is and am hopeful I have the same results.  Next, I purchased the Bosica Clarifying Detox Mask and the brow/eyelash comb.  The stuff to the left is what came with the VIB appreciation bag.  Sephora always reels me in with the samples.  Always.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My doghter, the diva.

Someone got a new 'do!  It's Sadie Bluebell!

Adorable lion cut!

Mama couldn't help it- she hates the groomer, so she got a new hot pink collar with a little bling:

Lovin' the breeze blowin' in her fresh fur!