Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wishful thinking

Ok so more like obsessive thinking but these items are what I'm currently sweating.  I've pretty much decided the Via Spiga 'Jovi' Booties should be mine since I returned the super uncomfortable Sam Edelman 'Effie'.  Totally rational decision PLUS they are 33% right now.  I have a nice footwear problem, not a shopping problem. 

How cute is this Kate Spade 'Idiom' wide enamel bangle?  I promise to not purchase this one, just admire it's beauty online.

Next these Nordstrom Embroidered Cuff Short Leather Gloves.  Only problem, should I purchase in pine brown or black?  I only have fleece gloves which always manage to be covered in Sadie's fur.  These are definitely on my short list but I'm going to continue to look for some that may be slightly more luxe at the same price point. 

Have a happy & safe weekend!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gray mix

I rushed into J.Crew the day before the rehearsal to pick up an outfit for the occasion.  I walked away with two.  I liked this flirty banded lace mini (obviously... I bought it right?!) and think it can be paired with tights and a black turtleneck that can go well into winter.  Or at least that was what I was telling myself in order to take the plunge.  I will say, it is nice still getting a student discount, even if I'm only taking 3 hours this semester.  The 15% off made pulling the trigger just a bit easier.

Outfit- J.Crew
Shoes- Nine West

Monday, October 25, 2010


Now that the wedding & honeymoon are over, I'll be catching up on all of my favorite blogs and have a few outfits to share with you!  It's a rainy day in Tennessee which makes getting out to accomplish my to-do list a little difficult but on the bright side, I'm a thank-you-note-writing diva.

This is what I wore to pick up my good friend Sarah from the airport who made the trip all the way from California to come to our wedding.  It meant so, so much to me that she was able to make it and read from Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7.  No Corinthians at this wedding!  ;-)

Scarf - Gap
Tee - Tissue tee from target, so soft!
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

This is the second pair of Always skinny jeans that I've purchased in the last couple of months.  I previously blogged about the struggle of finding a skinny jean that works for me.  Even with being a smaller girl, my porportions never let this trend look good.  I found that buying these jeans in the ankle length would be the solution to my jean tucking problem and can be used to showcase a great pair or heels.  They also have a lot of stretch while maintaining their shape after several wears.  I basically love these jeans and will probably buy another wash with my 40% off one regular priced item Wednesday coupon.

Here's a pic of my buddy Sarah & I from the wedding:

As always, thanks for reading!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Send me away with the words of a love song

I was entirely too excited to wear the sweater dress I bought this week.  Nathan and I went to get our marriage license so I thought it'd be a good excuse to wear it even though the temperature was back in the 80's.  Note to Fall: your wack weather will not get in the way of being fabulous in my boots. 

Getting our license: 

Express Back Zip Sweater Dress (now 30% off!)
Banana Republic Fauna Riding Boots

I didn't realize how popular the riding boots are.  BR must be completely sold out because they are no longer on the site.  However, I did spot boots that I'm pretty sure I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing in a photo recently: Roman equestrian rain boot.  Cute boots!  But I think for just a little more I'd rather have the ever so classic Hunter original.  See this lady work them out- Spiffy Hot Boots!

And before I go out for an exciting Friday night of sushi and Target, Sadie would like to say hi!  Daddy was buttering her up for this photo by calling her "glamour dog!"  Like mother, like doghter.

Working the camera with her sassy little pout.

BTW- anyone else obsessed with The Band Perry's song "If I Die Young?"  Can't get enough.

Have a happy & safe weekend!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So a while ago I was talking about eating healthy & exercising for our wedding and I was doing really well, looked great (if I must say so myself) in my bridal portraits not even taken a month ago.  Well, guess who COULD NOT BREATHE in her wedding gown for the final fitting yesterday?  That's right, me.  I've always been an emotional eater and I've been stressed with everything going on.  I'm happy to be getting married but I am so ready for the actual wedding to be over and to be sitting on my bum in Mexico not worried about a damn thing (besides getting my face shot off which my manicurist warned me about).  With this traumatic appointment over, I headed straight to the mall and had a grilled chicken salad for lunch.  That, my friends, is dedication.  Polynesian sauce from Chic-Fil-A, you have been demoted for the next 10 days.  While I was at the mall I stopped into my favorite store, Williams-Sonoma, and purchased the most delicious puree/soup starter:

I swear, they sell me on all sorts of stuff.  Soups starters and sauces are 15% off in store this week.  I ended up making this soup and a roll with their equally delicious pecan pumpkin butter.  It's suppose to feed 6 but when Nathan & I have soup for dinner, we have HUGE bowls, so by our serving size it fed 3.  The house smelled so inviting, exactly how I want my children to remember home smelling when they grow up.  Yes, things like this cross my mind entirely too much.

Moving on, I had an Express coupon and found the cutest little sweater dress:

I was this.close to purchasing in black but then got my act together.  The eggplant color is really pretty for fall/winter and will go well with the Fauna riding boots or my favorite black suede Nine West boots and black or grey tights.  The fit is flattering.  The band accentuates the waist and the gathering above and below it allows for a nice hourglass shape.  I also purchased these earrings because they were on super clearance:

Hope you all are having a great week!