Tuesday, November 30, 2010

G is for gray

We had a string of days last week where the sun refused to shine and I refused to take the easy route and throw on jeans for my trip to the DMV.  I did stick with a figure flattering dress though... so perhaps it was the easy route afterall.  My challenge is to not necessarily get creative all the time but to at least try and put a little effort into myself before leaving the house because sometimes I could honestly care less... so this is me taking the time and at the end of the day I felt better about myself. A++++ to me!

Dress -Loft
Belt - J. Crew
Tights - Target
Shoes - Via Spiga


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seven things

The lovely Ashley J at A Fashion Fixation recently tagged me (thank you!!) & 6 other bloggers in an effort to learn more about the people behind the blog.  I honestly didn't know what to share... which is why I've delayed it a little but here are my 7 things:

1.  I've lived in four states: Alabama, North Carolina, Kansas, and now Tennessee.  My family is not military, my dad is a college professor so we always are in a town with a college.

2.  My dad has been both mom & dad as my mom passed from cancer when I was six.  I now work with hematology/oncology patients and while most days its extremely rewarding, the bad days stick with me for too long.  Recently been thinking about changing my gears.

3.  I'm working on my Master's to become a Family Nurse Practitioner and expect to graduate next December! 

4.  My husband is 7 years older and we became engaged on his 30th birthday.  He will be 32 this week- Happy Birthday to him!

5.  I JUST got my first credit card this month.  True story.

6.  I was always a cat person until I spotted Minnie, a beautiful white Pomeranian on The Osbournes.  I've since had two poms.

7.  I've had my future daughter's name picked out for years.  Caroline.  Inspired by Sweet Caroline.  The song always makes me so happy.  Friends tell me I'll have all boys but I will have a daughter, even if it means international adoption.  I shared this in a group of people at an annual Christmas party and what do ya know?  One person had a daughter 11 months later and named her Caroline, the week I was suppose to get married.  I cried for days and now refuse to go to this Christmas party.  LOL! 

I'm suppose to tag seven other bloggers & this is who I'd like to get to know a little better:

Annnd lastly, an outfit from last night.  We went to a steakhouse & it was a good move on my behalf to wear something a little lose on top.

Headband - New York & Co.
Sweater - Express
Cami - Kohls
Belt - J. Crew
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Via Spiga

Hope you're having a splendid Sunday!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Basically, I love pigs.

Let me be clear I'm talking about home decor, not my husband.  *wink, wink*

Everytime I've walked into Williams-Sonoma the past couple of years this little chef pig has captured my heart.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for men who cook.  I brought him home after we got married and Nathan doesn't even mind another man invading his space... he clearly trusts me.

Pigs & polka dots?  Yes please!  These were the first of my ever growing pig collection.

Bought at Kirklands

My MIL loved this item so much she got a similar one.  WS also has cow & rooster boards that are equally charming.

The kitchen isn't complete pig overkill.  This bird cookbood stand adds a little extra color and a lot of character to the space.  It has weights to hold pages down which is so helpful with the larger cookbooks.

Bought at a local store
Nathan & I put a $50 budget on Christmas gifts this year.  While this isn't a kitchen item, in sticking with my animal themed post I would love to unwrap this adorable little jewelry dish so much so that I sent him an e-mail titled "Bitch, this better be under the tree"- yea, I keep it real.

And my favorite little fluffy wuffy doghter Sadie Blue cheesin' for the camera yesterday.  We'd love to get her a brother or sister this Christmas but after looking into Goldens and Goldendoodles, I think we'll remain happy parents to an only child for a little while.


Have a happy day & thanks for reading!  :-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ashley meet color, Color meet Ashley

First & foremost Happy Thanksgiving to all.  So blessed to have this day off and to be able to enjoy it with my new husband, all of our immediate family + dad's girlfriend who can appreciate a good outfit when she sees one.  This woman has my dad eating yogurt and granola for breakfast, she clearly has somethin' going on.  We "hosted" dinner but really everyone is so comfortable that they walk in and do what they want- so this "June Cleaver" really didn't have that much to do other than work out this fabulous, very pink outfit once everyone arrived.

Top - LOFT
Belt & Skirt - J.Crew
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Earrings - Kohl's

 This neutral lovin' girl is conquering fear of color one outfit at a time. 


Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas decor

I know this is going to surprise y'all but... I went shopping yesterday.  I added some pretty pillows to our home to go with our new tree skirt and stockings.  I just love Pottery Barn.  Anything countryside inspired has a place in our home.  I especially love "The Hunts" embroidered on the skirt.  Nathan said "It makes us feel more like a family, huh?"  Awwwhh!! :)

We got rid of our old pre-lit tree that we've been riggin pretty much every year for the past 4 years.  We decided it'd be less frustrating to get an unlit tree and put lights on it versus a pre-lit trees with lights crappin out.  He won't get the ornaments and lights out of the attic yet though.  I guess it's a fair compromise but it will be decorated before Thanksgiving because I won't get to be home for it this year.  (Next up on my redecorating to make this home feel more like ours will be dressing up the windows with better drapes.)

Pretty new pillows.  I went ahead and bought these with the intention of changing out the covers come spring time.

And how could I leave you without my dabbling in the Naked Palette (ignore the brows, they need to go to the groomer)?  The colors are seriously gorgeous.  Believe the hype.  If you can get your hands on one, do so asap. 

Happy Weekend y'all! 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sephora genius

The first time the F&F discount rolled around, I stayed on track and did not shop.  Well, I didn't have as much luck the second time around.  I decided I'd use the discount to purchase Nathan's moisturizer, which is now under the Christmas tree, a gift for my sister, and the nice Dirty Santa gift for this year.  The naughty gift will be an assortment of soaps we won last year.  We are sound environmentalists and recycle.  I knew that would impress y'all. 

The first time I placed an order, I totally forgot to use the coupon code.  It took a few minutes after submitting the order to dawn on me but it totally worked out.  For starters, on the first order I used a code to get a clutch with samples.  The clutches they give out never impress me but I do love to dabble in samples, I was also due for my skin care challenge reward.  Once I realized I didn't use the discount code, I placed a duplicate order and this time I was due for my 500 point gift.  So my stupidity turned into sheer genius.  I ended up with 6 samples, the clutch full of samples, a 500-point gift, skin care challenge reward and the items discounted.  The more expensive set will be returned tomorrow.  Which is perfect because the JCPennys Sephora in Cool Springs called today and I will be able to pick up the highly sought after Naked Palette by Urban Decay.

Nice Dirty Santa gift- Philosophy gift set- I'd be happy if I walked away with this one!  :)
Samples galore!

500 point gift & skin care reward:

It's rather funny that I'm a VIB at Sephora considering I rarely take the time to apply makeup... if you can't tell by the pictures I post of myself.

Cardigan - BR
Top - Ya-da (bought at Nordstrom)
Leggings - Target
Boots - Nine West

I wore these boots the night of the accident and you can still see where they got scratched up from being laid on the pavement.  When I arrived at the ER the lady asked if she could cut off my clothes.  I said yes but to not cut the boots.  I will always have priorities.  :-)  I've been asking Nathan to operate on these beauties for awhile now to no avail.  But I still wear them!  No shame, folks.  No Shame.

Hope your week is going well!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Well I love him, but I love to shop

Ever listen to a song, find it very fitting, then substitute words for it to make more sense to your situation?  Ok, maybe I'm the only loser who extensively elaborates on these personal renditions.  The other day I sang my very on version of Brad Paisley's "I'm Gonna Miss Her" to Nathan which he flattered me and did a curtosey laugh.  In all honesty, I thought it was a great version that you all would love to hear... if only I could carry a tune!

Awwhhh lookey there, I bought a rug!

and an entertainment center!

I may not be able to put food on the table this Thanksgiving but at least our home will look good for our guests!  :-)  (I got a coupon for PB in the mail today and these items will be home with us soon!)


Day-to-night cardigan

Because making that transition is just so difficult.  :)  I wore the Sam Edelman boots purchased during Nordstroms Anniversary sale for the second time.  These boots are to-die-for.  Comfort is key whenever I search for shoes, which seems to be pretty frequent.  Over the knee boots give me an insane boost of confidence, only downer is that they are very difficult to drive in.  The heel on this particular style is not overwhelmingly high, so I can wear them for a longer period of time without committing back suicide.

Cardigan - Express
Tank & skinny belt - J. Crew
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Nordstrom

After I took pictures of this outfit I decided I wasn't really interested in drawing attention to my midsection, so I took the belt off and added my favorite leopard print scarf (Tolani), a splurge from last year.  I saw this beauty on Kim Kardashian (don't judge) and searched HIGH & low for the cheapest deal, as usual.  I ended up finding it on a website where the proceeds benefited pancreatic cancer research.  I again searched high & low to share the website with you but came up empty handed.  Tolani scarfs are often seen on our favorite celebs.  While this scarf isn't as soft as a pricier cashmere it definitely keeps you warm and stylish- a common priority of us ladies during the cold weather.

This scarf is truly ridiculous, so happy I purchased!

As for last night, we had a ladies night out to see the taping of CMA's Country Christmas (airing November 29th, 9:30 pm Eastern time on ABC).  So much fun- I just love all of the country stars, so humble and seemingly grateful for the blessing that have been given to them.  I was most excited about seeing country queen Reba take the stage, such a classy, talented woman whose career is to be envied by the younger starlets.  This is what I wore:

Same Express cardigan & J.Crew skinny belt
Dress - BR sheath
Tights - Target
Shoes - Nordstrom (which I was previously drooling over but now own!) ;-)

Cydney & I at the taping (photo stolen off her facebook page) :-)

The show really put me in the Holiday spirit- Just what I needed- MORE ammunition to shop!

Also, any suggestions on how to take better photos for the blog?  I feel my outfits aren't really showing up well.  Thanks in advance!  :-)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend shopping gone awry

I had a big day planned for Nathan & I as we needed to go to Nashville to sell some of our wedding linens (cha-ching!).  Let me just say, while I love Nathan unconditionally he isn't exactly a genius when it comes to lady matters.  This trip was headed down hill before leaving the house because apparently my jeans below are "painted on" but "that's the style".  He really has a way with words... Sorry again ladies of the world, he's taken! 
Blouse- J.Crew (bought in store last month, unavailable online)
Jeans (clearly my new faves)- Gap Always skinny jeans

Accessories of the day:
Wedding set
Michael Kors Watch
Etsy monogrammed necklace with my new initials- gift on wedding day from sissy

We put in hardwood floors last week & bought a sleeplogic bed (please pray for my back, I was hoping the new bed would help but woke up this morning with terrible pain)... so I can understand my husbands concern with additional big purchases.  Que Pottery Barn visit today.  With new floors it would be nice to have a rug in our living area of upstairs.  Nathan is absolutely clueless on how much home items cost so he was slightly shocked.  My theory is to purchase what you love, even if it means spending a little more, as long as it is within your means.  It's a rug we'll walk on everyday and have for at least several years and I want to be happy with what we choose.  Can I help that I have good taste and want our home to be pretty?  No, duh!  Well we walked out with no rug and ended up leaving the mall because he went into a rant about society and rugs and I could not deal with irrational logic on my day off.  But I did manage to go to my favorite store Williams-Sonoma before leaving the mall and picked up this pretty Emile Henry loaf pan. 
Can't wait to use it as lots of baking is in my near future! 

What do y'all think about purchases?  Cheap out and be not completely satisfied or spend the extra money & be completely content?


Monday, November 1, 2010

Leather glove hunt

These are considerably more pricey than the Nordstrom gloves at $98.  J.Crew has a current offer of 25% off all orders of $150 or more (code: FALLSALE).  Meaning these could be brought down to $73.5, just a few dollars more with cashmere lining versus polyester lining.  The zipper detail definitely makes the gloves more age appropriate than the standard leather glove my Gramma use to rock.  Love them!

Weekend casual

Every Saturday possible my sister, niece and I venture out to check out stores and run errands together.  We affectionately call it "sissy day".  Just don't ask her if she's my mom, it will hurt her feelings.

 Cardigan, tee, & leggings: Target
BR Fauna Riding boots
Ralph Lauren shades

When Katie picked me up we both had an "ummm" moment but both continued to work out the boots.

Top- LC for Kohl's (love this, looks like something from the Winter Kate line)
Jeggings- JC Penny
Boots - Old Navy