Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you have some sort of business woman special?

All of the sudden I'm dying to watch Romy & Michele's High School Reunion. 

I went for it. Totally wore white after Labor Day & before Easter. I mean... rules were made to be broken right??

Blazer - Target
Tank - J.Crew Perfect Fit Tank
Pants - Kohls
Heels - Jessica Simpson
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - Kendra Scott from pp

And I picked up these nude pretties on sale today at Dillard's.  I think they will look beautiful with tons of spring outfits.  The platform makes the shoes so much more wearable.  Can't wait for warmer weather!  In all seriousness though, this is my fourth pair of nude shoes.  Must. stop. shoe. shopping.

xo, ashley


  1. You look great in your white pants and love the new shoes!

  2. I'm absolutely loveing your shoes and kudos for breaking the Labor day rule. That's one rule I truly hate.

  3. So cute! And is that a PB rug??? I think it is the one I have been in love with that might just have to buy! love it!

  4. rules are DEF made to be broken--love the white and black combo! also very jealous of your shoes!! I miss Dillard's...we don't have them up north! enjoy the rest of your sunday...and stop by soon! I'm running a giveaway with your name all over it! xoxo {av}

  5. You look so awesome, girl! I love it 100%!

  6. Yet you tell me not the buy the nude shoes I was going to get. UGH! LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes and your date night outfit looks great!

    Your blog post has me craving some R& M too so guess what I just ordered off Amazon!!!!

  7. You look fantastic!

    And OH - talk about blast from the past with Romy and Michelle! I loved that movie!