Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Current lust

This dress is kil-ling me.  I want something a little sexier than my usual conservative style for my bachelorette party but still remain classy and elegant.

*Ashley, pick me! pick me!*...wait... did you just hear something?  See, I'm not delusional.  This dress is speaking to me, to all of us, actually.  The only downfall is the price tag... of course!  Boo!  I tried to justify where else I could wear it and I came up with the honeymoon.  Ugh!  Why can't I be a socialite?

On other dress news, I had a fitting last week and my gown is looking gorgeous.  So excited!  Then I saw my beauty on Say Yes To The Dress last night while I was in a patients room and got even more excited when the girl didn't choose my gown further solidifying my belief that the dress was made solely for moi.  (insert delusional joke here)  :)


  1. The more I look at the dress, the more I love it. You only get married and have a bachelorette party once, allegedly. :)

  2. I just became a follower!!! So excited to watch your wedding progression unfold...