Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gap Give & Get

My work has had this coupon offer hung up in our break room for forever.  Naturally when I went to send out the coupon to some friends & post on facebook, I chose the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Shopping for a good cause always makes spending money a little easier.  ;-)  This is what I bought...

Gap had a good deal on khakis so I got my hunny a couple for being a good boy recently.  We both really like the classic khaki straight fit.  I do have to exchange them for a smaller size for his skinny ass though.

Then I stopped by Trade Secret to get some shampoo & nail polish.  I've been trying to give my fine hair a boost recently & I hope this shampoo helps.  I like the tea tree shampoo because it's invigorating and I need that on the days I work & have to get up at 5am.

OPI's Pink Flamenco.  I think I'm going to exchange it because it was super thick like it had been sitting in the store for a year.  :( 

And last but not least, Sadie Bluebell hurt herself last Friday trying to jump on the couch.  The doctor ordered her to hangout in the crate for 2 weeks- but I let her hang out for a few hours today and she even got to go on a convertible ride today!  :)



  1. hmm looks like I need to go to the Gap today!

  2. Skinny witch! Jeans look good!

  3. OMG!!! Shea DID do my wedding pics!!! What a small world:) How do you know Shea? (Love her by the way)

  4. Those jeans....were MADE for you. Seriously H-O-T HAWT! haha

  5. @ 3ate4- thank you! I'm very pleased with them!!

    @ Jenny- Thanks!!! I wore them today for the first time and they didn't stretch out one bit. I think I found the perfect jean for tucking into boots! :)