Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gray mix

I rushed into J.Crew the day before the rehearsal to pick up an outfit for the occasion.  I walked away with two.  I liked this flirty banded lace mini (obviously... I bought it right?!) and think it can be paired with tights and a black turtleneck that can go well into winter.  Or at least that was what I was telling myself in order to take the plunge.  I will say, it is nice still getting a student discount, even if I'm only taking 3 hours this semester.  The 15% off made pulling the trigger just a bit easier.

Outfit- J.Crew
Shoes- Nine West

Also because I know you are just DYING to know what was in that pink box for my MOH/sissy, this is what she got:

The Classic Q Hillier bag that has put bloggers in a damn frenzy.  I honestly didn't get the craze over this particular bag... until I saw it in person and was able to touch it.  GORGEOUS, soft leather.  Before purchasing, I did read tons of reviews on it and some complained that the leather didn't hold up.  If she runs into any problems with the bag- I will report them to you.  So far she loves it, has received many compliments, and has been inspecting people's hands before they are allowed to touch.  I think she was kidding but I can't be certain.  Her one negative is that the crossbody strap was not made for taller girls (she is 6' tall).  Katie would also like to share recent bootie finds but claims she is "not blog ready" today.  ;-)



  1. ACK - I'm so jealous of you MBMJ bag! My big sis has the ivory one and I drool over it!

    Is it strange though that handbags is one of those things I am afraid to spend money on? I should just get over that and get myself a lovely investment bag, shouldn't I?

  2. For some reason the part about my bag wasnt showing up on your post until I went to see teh comments. I absolutely LOVE Hillie!! The leather really is incredibly soft. I was half kidding, but you wouldn't let someone who was eating lunch touch your Louis either!! :)

    I love you so much, maybe even a little more since you got me the bag :) Seriously, I wish you hadnt spent that much on me but I absolutely love it!

    Lisa--if you were going to splurge on an investment bag, this is a good one!!