Monday, May 9, 2011

Well, hello there!

Hi everyone!  Today when I opened my mailbox it smelled like roses, so lovely!  Inside was the gift from Ella Pretty's recent 100 follower giveaway.  Thank you so much, Ella.  I will really enjoy these items!

I've been loving my Alex espadrilles recently.  They are pretty high and definitely get a lot of attention.

This is how the height of the Alex compares to my Michael Kors espadrilles that I wore the heck out of last summer.  I have to be careful to not break my ankles in the new shoes... but they are so fabulous!!  :)  Nathan said they were "sexy shoes."  Duh, husband! ;-)

I love, love, love this top from Ann Taylor.  It was a recent purchase during their 40% off F&F sale.  It looks good both casual & more dressed up and the color is beautiful, unlike anything I have in my closet.

Leopard print... need I say more?  Bought this during the same sale citing no snow leopard in my wardrobe.  ;-)

These two skirts are on my current lust list, both from J.Crew.  I need more professional clothing since I will be doing two days a week at an OB/GYN office this summer as I work toward my FNP.

Love the eyelet detail of this one.

And how gorgeous is this peacock color?  I may need to stop by J.Crew after work this week!

I'm a little nervous about working two days at the OB/GYN for clinicals, hanging onto my FT gig and all of the paperwork for school... but I know when summer is through I will be so thankful to be that much closer to graduating next spring!  What are yall looking forward to this summer? 

xo, ashley


  1. Yay - I'm so glad the package arrived safely - I was a bit worried with customs and the fact that there are all sorts of cross-border rules for shipping perfumes!

    Love the espadrilles - but the height would scare me - I've got very wobbly ankles. The j.crew skirts look great - I think they'd be a great work-wear investment. Good lucky with all the work you've got to do :-)

  2. Love your new espadrilles hahaha hubs always love taller shoes something about about how they make your legs look!

    Ohh your new Ann Taylor drape skirt is gorgeous!! I always bought the same leopard cardi too.. But I resisted I can't stop right now because I'm going to Vegas soon!!

    Ohh that peacock colored skirt is gorgeous!

  3. Everything is lovely! I received a package from Ella too today and I couldn't believe how wonderful it smelled! She did a great job ;)

  4. love the photos so much :)

  5. Ella- thanks for the GL, I'm gonna need it!

    Lisa-Have fun in Vegas!! Watch for the cardi to go on sale, it is so cute!

    Noelle- She did a great job, I was so excited to open it.

    Girly notes - Thank you :)

  6. That peacock j crew skirt is a must. It reminds me of that one we saw at anthro. ;)

  7. It is so funny you posted about your Alex Espadrilles because I have been obsessed with them, like thinking about them every day since I first saw them! They may have to be my next purchase, you just justified it for me.haha They are so cute!

  8. Hey girl! Did you know you're a "noreply" blogger? I realized this after I typed up a response to your comment about those Cole Haans haha! I think I also sent you an email in the past about Tory Burch Revas without realizing you're email wasn't paired up! Just wanted to let you know in case you didn't realize (:

  9. What a wonderful gift! And I LOVE those espadrilles :)

  10. Just wanted to drop a quick comment again and say thank you for your lovely suggestion for a blog post on budgeting - I'm totally going to do it! :)

  11. love that ann taylor top. and i can't even go into a j.crew right now because i want everything!

  12. Love the leopard print cardi. And both of those skirts are fab, especially the last one...amazing color.

  13. oh those wedges are fab!!! perfect summer pair!