Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bachelorette Dress Hunt, Part Deux

Now is the time to act on a dress for my bachelorette party or to score another pair of boots I've been sweating... or maybe both.  My paycheck is a little bigger than normal due to a hospital meal break issue and so I figure, why not?  ;-) 

I've moved away from the cold shoulder dress and have officially fallen in love with this sexy little number:

I like the gathering at the waist and it will give me more shape when compared to the cold shoulder dress.  My concern with the gold dress is that it will fall off my lady bits and end up making me look bigger than I am and what woman wants that?  This dress is still pricey but during my rationalization for the gold dress, I decided I could take the dress with me when I travel (because I do that so much) and call it the "Gold Dress Adventures"  but now it would be the "Pink Dress Adventures"... makes total sense right?  SOLD!  Places I plan on going in the following year (don't laugh):  Cabo (honeymoon), NYC, LA, & some other girl beach trip.  Where of these places will I actually end up going?  Cabo- but hey, a girl can dream right?

These are the boots I've been sweating: 

I promised myself that I would only buy one pair of boots this season, as I've been doing now for the past few falls.  I already bought a pair but these are just too me to pass up.  I was so excited when a 40% off coupon popped up in my inbox yesterday at work that as soon as I got home the purchase was going to happen.  I put them in my shopping bag, tried to apply the code, and what happens?  It doesn't apply to women's shoes.  FML. 

Have a great & safe holiday weekend!


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  1. I'm so curious to know.. did you end up buying these boots?


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