Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walkin' on sunshine

Hi friends,

Today, I am feeling overwhelmingly blissful.  :)  I must have gotten excellent sleep last night or it could be the fact that I cleaned my bathroom (it's the simple things in life, people!) and have a spotless toilet... but whatever it is, I like and welcome you to take part in my life every day for forever. 

We had a great shower Saturday night and I managed to end up with not one picture from it.  I suck.  True story.  Buttttt I am lovin' this drink bucket the hosts gave us:

Such a great idea!  Wine & gorgeous coasters included.  I love stone coasters. 

I had my bridal portraits yesterday & my florist made this sample for the shoot.  I didn't have a specific idea for a bouquet in my head so I just gave him creative freedom.  I ended up really liking it even though the greenery reminded me a little of broccoli.  I also was unable to secure a spot at Cheekwood but that's totally ok, the shots she showed me back looked great- can't wait to share them!

Also, a quick tidbit about my friend Sara.  Sara recently purchased her first home at 24- go girl!  I'm super late on putting a housewarming gift together but was able to gift her a little something today.  I've suddenly taken interest (again- this urge always happens around the Holidays too) in making pretty presentations with gifts but still have a long way to go before the North Pole would ever hire me.  Sara's housewarming gift from start to finish...

She loves Coke & I figured it would help the items perch up a little in the basket.

Can't have a gift without tissue paper involved!

Ok, so these are probably not considered gifts but I've shared with you last post that any gift excites me- so I hope Sara enjoys her cleaning items.  :-)  We all now know that I have an obsession with clean toilets, hence the Clorox product, and also I love Pledge's Multi-Surface cleaner.  Works well on mirrors & our glass tabletops- highly recommend it.


Obsessed with sparkle tulle, by the way.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!  Thanks for reading.  :-)



  1. Wait, hold up!!! I am JUST putting together who I think you are marrying...Nathan??

  2. It's almost like I can hear the tone of voice Ashley J is using to say "nathan?? Seriously??" Just kidding, we love Nathan!

    Cute presents!

  3. WHAT a cute idea!!!! No one got my anything like that for MY housewarming party. haha BOO!!

  4. Then we need to be friends. I mean, you live in Alabama. I live in Tennessee. We're practically neighbors!