Friday, September 17, 2010

First OOTN

Nathan & I had our bi-monthly conversation that always goes like this:

Nathan: You're wearing that?!
Me: ....yes.
Nathan:  You are too dressed up, look at me.  You always out dress me.  Put on some jeans.
Me:  No!  Why do you get so upset when I look better than you?  You should be used to it by now!  (muahahaha! ;-))

I bought this dress this summer trying to move away from black everything.  I own very little print & firmly believe in the 80/20 rule... exactly why I love J.Crew so much.  Never, ever goes out of style.  Still have my freshman year of high school Sweetheart dress from J.Crew, as a matter of fact.  My Gramma bought the dress for me.  She would be so proud of her investment.  Anyway, I've spent the past couple of days meeting with financial planners, none who shared my vision of diversifying my closet instead of a portfolio.  But I did have one vote out of three for the Louis Vuitton.  I think I know who I'll be investing with.

Dress - Target
Belt - Banana Republic
Shoes- Michael Kors


  1. Gorgeous...I love how you paired the printed dress with such a classic makeup look!

    Those shoes steal the show though...

  2. michael kors shoes? in love!! :D

  3. Thank you! The shoes have been worth every penny. I really like how the wedge is slightly more slender, makes them feel a little dressier. :)

  4. You look fabulous, darling - and I second Lane's comment, those shoes are gorgeous!

    I've given up a long time ago on men understanding any bit about fashion - which is why I love Rachel Zoe's response when she was asked what she thought about being over-dressed at an event: what's the worst-case scenario? you look the best in the room?

  5. You look awesome! I love that dress!

  6. You look great! Hubbie and I have the same conversation!

  7. LOL- too funny.

    I hate when people say, "Man, you're so dressed up..Look at me." I want to tell them it's OK- I don't mean to outdress them- I just like to look nice. haha

  8. Thank you all! I really enjoy each of your comments! :)