Friday, September 10, 2010

Best intentions

Nathan & I have our first shower tomorrow & so I ventured out today to buy gifts for the hosts.  We are five weeks shy from our big day!  I will admit that at times I can be a terrible gift giver.  I often refer to myself when purchasing a gift and ask... "Ashley, would this excite you?"  Wrong question because pretty much any sort of gift excites me- a magazine, new highlighters in my stocking at Christmas, peanut butter m&ms... you get the point.  I remember one time for a friends birthday I bought hand soap & lotion that sat in a little silver tray- would have looked great in my kitchen!  Yea, I guess she didn't like it because she left it at her neighbor/our friends house and that friend ended up keeping it!  I will leave the story at that.  So I ended up buying the hosts a candle at B&B Works with matching hand soap (along with a couple things for my BM's "swag bag").  Honestly, would that gift bum you out?  Any better suggestions?

B&B Works got sick on my carpet.

I even stopped at Hobby Lobby to make sure the gifts would look pretty wrapped.

We'll pretend the step after this looked like it came right from Candy Spelling's gift wrapping room.

And finally, I received my sissy's MOH gift in the mail today.  Wonder what it could be?!  ;-)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S.- sorry I had to edit the post, I made a mental note to never use the "x-large" picture option again.


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  1. I would be happy with the gifts you bought! I LOVE getting stuff like that! :)