Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend shopping gone awry

I had a big day planned for Nathan & I as we needed to go to Nashville to sell some of our wedding linens (cha-ching!).  Let me just say, while I love Nathan unconditionally he isn't exactly a genius when it comes to lady matters.  This trip was headed down hill before leaving the house because apparently my jeans below are "painted on" but "that's the style".  He really has a way with words... Sorry again ladies of the world, he's taken! 
Blouse- J.Crew (bought in store last month, unavailable online)
Jeans (clearly my new faves)- Gap Always skinny jeans

Accessories of the day:
Wedding set
Michael Kors Watch
Etsy monogrammed necklace with my new initials- gift on wedding day from sissy

We put in hardwood floors last week & bought a sleeplogic bed (please pray for my back, I was hoping the new bed would help but woke up this morning with terrible pain)... so I can understand my husbands concern with additional big purchases.  Que Pottery Barn visit today.  With new floors it would be nice to have a rug in our living area of upstairs.  Nathan is absolutely clueless on how much home items cost so he was slightly shocked.  My theory is to purchase what you love, even if it means spending a little more, as long as it is within your means.  It's a rug we'll walk on everyday and have for at least several years and I want to be happy with what we choose.  Can I help that I have good taste and want our home to be pretty?  No, duh!  Well we walked out with no rug and ended up leaving the mall because he went into a rant about society and rugs and I could not deal with irrational logic on my day off.  But I did manage to go to my favorite store Williams-Sonoma before leaving the mall and picked up this pretty Emile Henry loaf pan. 
Can't wait to use it as lots of baking is in my near future! 

What do y'all think about purchases?  Cheap out and be not completely satisfied or spend the extra money & be completely content?



  1. Awh, sorry to hear that! I think that if it is within your means, I would buy something at a reasonable price if it is well worth it. But some things are unreasonably priced. But don't just buy something if you both don't love it
    :) Goodluck!

  2. spend the extra money and be content. My husband NEVER shops so when he does we go for what we like most - regardless of cost. If you buy less, buy the best!

  3. I think you look great in the above picture! I just recently bought a Pottery Barn rug less than a month ago and yes, that store is expensive but just do what I did and buy it when the hubbie is not around!

  4. Moral of the story: Shopping with your sissy is always better than your husband, even with a crazy toddler involved!!

    And Nathan is an idiot. Those jeans look great on you.

  5. emile henry pan - i'm jealous! Love it!