Friday, November 26, 2010

Basically, I love pigs.

Let me be clear I'm talking about home decor, not my husband.  *wink, wink*

Everytime I've walked into Williams-Sonoma the past couple of years this little chef pig has captured my heart.  What can I say?  I'm a sucker for men who cook.  I brought him home after we got married and Nathan doesn't even mind another man invading his space... he clearly trusts me.

Pigs & polka dots?  Yes please!  These were the first of my ever growing pig collection.

Bought at Kirklands

My MIL loved this item so much she got a similar one.  WS also has cow & rooster boards that are equally charming.

The kitchen isn't complete pig overkill.  This bird cookbood stand adds a little extra color and a lot of character to the space.  It has weights to hold pages down which is so helpful with the larger cookbooks.

Bought at a local store
Nathan & I put a $50 budget on Christmas gifts this year.  While this isn't a kitchen item, in sticking with my animal themed post I would love to unwrap this adorable little jewelry dish so much so that I sent him an e-mail titled "Bitch, this better be under the tree"- yea, I keep it real.

And my favorite little fluffy wuffy doghter Sadie Blue cheesin' for the camera yesterday.  We'd love to get her a brother or sister this Christmas but after looking into Goldens and Goldendoodles, I think we'll remain happy parents to an only child for a little while.


Have a happy day & thanks for reading!  :-)


  1. OMG, your note to your hubby cracked me up! You should keep the receipt for the present you give the hubby and if he doesn't get you want you want, his present goes back and the birdie comes home! ;o)

  2. Lisa, I like the way you think. :)