Sunday, July 25, 2010

Centerpieces with a touch of DIY

Ahh, flowers.  My floral budget is quite small as I would rather spend money on food, music, photography.  I want big style on little $.  White looking through pictures of centerpieces on The Knot I came across a few budget friendly ideas that I hope to put my own little spin on. 

Ok, this is just gorgeous and I'm in love with it.  Who knew carnations could look so chic?  However, this table is at least $300 and I have 16 tables to do something with.  I took the picture to a few florists where one quoted $150 for it while another $60.  I was shocked at the price difference between the two florists.  I was also shocked that the florist who I assumed would be out of my budget was actually under it.  So I signed up Bella Fiori to take care of my florals and I have an appointment with them in a couple of weeks to finalize the deets.  Notice the smaller vases with the floating candles- that's my DIY project.  I spent time today working on putting ribbon around vases and sealing them with personalized stickers.  This is one completed case, with one more to go. 

I scored these on the Dollar Tree website, yes, you read that correctly.  After going to Hobby Lobby and realizing that the best I was going to do for vases like these was $3 during the weeks they're 50% off, I was a little disappointed but that all turned around when I read a blog where the girl had bought vases at... the Dollar Tree.  I got 24 vases for $30 after tax & handling.  They were shipped to the store so no shipping charges or stress over them breaking in transit.  This project cost just at $42.

I wanted 2 different centerpieces to make it a little more interesting and give the room some dimension.  I, also, wanted to only do 8 tables with flowers and the other 8 myself.  This is my other inspiration: 

I found large pedestal vases at Wal-Mart for $15 that I'm thinking about using but want to check out a few other places to make sure I'm getting the best deal.  The tulle, if bought on 50% off week, will cost $2.50 for 75 feet.  All 8 of these tables would cost $160 total.  I need to do a run through before meeting with the florist to make sure this is doable.  I think it is but then again I pretty much suck at crafts.


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  1. There is a huge part of me that wishes being financially responsible was a passing there will be a rainbow one day that signals when I can splurge at will. Ugh, I'm in saving mode - I make myself feel so guilty when I buy anything!

    Your centerpiece inspiration is beautiful. I think you should do a wedding post, I'd love to know what you are going for, colors, etc. I love wedding posts, every girl dreams up something different!