Saturday, July 10, 2010

First time blogger!

I've been reading other blogs after my sister/sole follower sent a link to another bloggers wedding planning site. I had decided on a color scheme and she was sending ideas for me to browse through. I'm well on my planning way with just 3 months and 1 week until our October 16th wedding- hard to believe since we were originally set to marry last October. Where has the time gone?

I received a couple packages in the mail this week that I'm excited to share. First, I just got my table runners in. Linens are something that can really make a huge decor difference and I knew I wanted floor length tablecloths, chair covers & sashes. After looking into how much this items would cost to rent, I decided to go ahead and pay for them myself so I could potentially resale them & not have it come out of my budget. So I bought black tablecloths and black and white flocking damask runners for the tables and then two black and white flocking damask tablecloths for the bridal party tables. Here's a pic of part of the runner:
Secondly, I finally decided on the shoes because my alterations lady required that I have them with my next fitting, August 11th. I originally fell in love with the "Lover" by Kate Spade and I'll be darned if I didn't search high & low for a good price on those suckers. I finally came across another pair that I loved, the "Lora". These shoes are wedding shoe perfection. I came across them on piperlime and they had one(!!!) pair left in a 6.5 in ivory. I put them in my shopping bag and then headed over to google to find a coupon code where a 20% discount was being offered for signing up for emails. Yessss! For whatever reason when I went to apply the code, it wouldn't let me. So I dumped the shoes from the cart and went to put them back in the cart. Then it said the shoe was no longer available, mild freak out. I called piperlime and with excellent service was able to purchase the shoes and they arrived just a few days later.

Fun! I'm just starting the blog so tell me: what measures did you take for cost containment at your wedding?



  1. hey ashley! just saw you link your blog so decided to come over and say congrats on starting your blog! I did damask at our wedding too and loved it :)

    happy planning!!! :)

  2. ps- love your kate spade shoes :)

  3. Thanks V! I was referring to your blog and totally emailed you a few months ago about your cake because I'm being a little copy cat- I loved, loved, loved your cake!

  4. love love love the blog! and love love love you. one day I'm gonna sit down and try to think of something positive to blog about... lol! you'll def be my inspiration! -Sara