Friday, July 30, 2010

I've been a very bad girl: Friday Edition

The Anniversary Sale strikes again.  Last fall I stumbled across one of the most beautiful pairs of boots that I've ever seen... online, anyway.  I convinced Nathan that he needed to buy them for me because my birthday gift (workout videos for the wii while I was in a back brace) was quite possibly the worst gift ever.  And I do blame my sister partly because I think she somewhat planted the seed in his head.  He complied and my Sam Edelman boots in Rainy Grey Waxy leather arrived in a prompt fashion, which is just how Nordstrom rolls.  Unfortunately, I sized 1/2 up like the reviews told me to and were entirely too big.  I returned them with exchange information and by the time the boots made it back home to Nordstrom, they were sold out in the size and color.  Well, I found an updated version on sale and...

Ta-da!  On a serious note, how in the world do celebs tuck in their jeans without getting them all bunchy and looking a total hot mess?  I would co-sign a pair of great fitting stirrup jeggings (mean it!) that stay in place and don't bunch up throughout the day.

Ignore the blue carpet.  Fall accessories are residing at Nathan's. 

I also picked up this Kiehl's lip balm because I was a measly 10 cents from free shipping when I bought the boots.  The lip balm was cheaper than shipping so I have another new product to try! 


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  1. Those boots are amazing!!! Cute blog:)