Monday, July 19, 2010

Heathy eating issues.

So it's less than three months away from our wedding and I'm starting to stress over looking my absolute best.  I love terrible food and have tossed around the idea of keeping a food journal.  The problem with this is, is that I have no shame.  Is writing down that I ate 4 two-bite coconut macaroons really going to bother me?  Probably not.  So I just may use this blog to talk about food choices and maybe then I will be disgusted with how I eat sometimes (like the fact that I had a mini and regular sized cupcake at work yesterday).  With that said, I ventured over to Whole Foods today and picked up some fresh fruits & veggies and made a delicious, surprisingly filling salad (sorry about the picture quality, RIP Samsung):

I also had Wheaties Fuel for breakfast, ate the food bar at Whole Foods for lunch with most of my plate consisting of veggies but couldn't resist my usual Whole Foods treat, the chicken fried tofu, and had some Greek yogurt with blueberry granola & a cup of 1/2 low-fat milk, 1/2 low-fat chocolate milk for dessert.

I've also been really bad about taking my lunch to work.  I think if I get a cute new lunch bag that I'll be more excited to pack it.  It will save money and be better for me in the long run.  I've been eating a grilled cheese & harvest cheddar sun chips for about two months straight now.  I really like these two :

I also think I'm going to pick up more Envirosax reusable bags.  I have 2 that I've been using for a couple years and always get compliments on them.  I've seen something similar being sold at B&B Works but prefer the quality of the Envirosax bags.  They are easy to role up, hold a ton of groceries and I always try to keep one in my purse when I go to the mall, Target, etc.  Not to mention I keep all of those pesky plastic bags away from the house until I need some to line bathroom trash cans.  Reduce, reuse, recycle folks!  I found this series of the bags below for $20.87 on

I'll be at work tomorrow but then have a nice stretch of days off which I really need.  I had the best patients over the weekend and was actually happy to get called in on Saturday!  Hopefully tomorrow will go just as well.



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